Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics

Our institute is one of the well-known research centers in the world, studying the dynamics of chemical elementary processes in the various systems and physical states of matter.

Resolution of the Supreme Council of National Economy of 15 October 1931  announced foundation of the Institute of Chemical Physics on the basis of physico-chemical section of the Leningrad Physical-Technical Institute, headed by Nikolai Nikolaevich Semenov — then a member of the Academy of Sciences, and later an academician and a Nobel Prize winner.

The Institute was tasked to "the implementation of physical theories and methods in chemistry, chemical industry and other sectors of the economy".

The result of 84 years shows that the Institute had fulfilled this task. But the main result of the research activities of the Institute and its director N.N. Semenov — is creation of a new field of natural science — Chemical Physics .

By definition of N.N. Semenov, "chemical physics is the science that describes the basics of chemical reactions and related questions concerning the structure of matter".

Key Areas of Research

  • Physics and chemistry of biopolymers as well as Dynamics of biochemical processes
  • Advancements in weapons technology, military and special technic facilities
  • Theoretical foundations and practical development of chemical technologies and equipment
  • Condensed matter physics and chemistry
  • Femtochemistry and nanochemistry
  • Physics and chemistry of combustion; shock waves and detonation
  • Immobilization of chemical-based threats, preventing and minimizing the risks of negative impacts of hazardous chemical agents
  • New materials and nanomaterials with targeted properties and functions
  • Chemical physics of physiological processes and development of pharmaceutical products
  • Kinetics and mechanism of chemical reactions; theory and dynamics of elementary reactions
  • Fundamental principles of polymerization processes; structure and properties of polymers and polymer-based composites
  • Catalysis of chemical reactions; supramolecular and self-organising systems

Nadtochenko Victor Andreevich

Director, Doctor of Chemistry Sciences


Roshchin Alexander Viktorovich

Deputy Director for Science, Doctor of Technical Sciences


Krupyanskii Yuri Fedorovich

Deputy Director for Science, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences



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